Cobles in Art & Antiques

Celebrating the Northumbrian coble and Yorkshire cobble in popular culture


It must be disappointing to click on this gallery and find it empty! However, I have now accumulated masses of content and will be publishing lots of photos of 'high quality model cobles' in the near future ie weeks! Almost all will be of sailing cobles, most being built over a 100 years ago, some cased, some not. In the meantime, you may find the gallery of half hull models of interest. If you have a coble model (of whatever age) I'd be delighted to publish it here alongside any submitted acknowledgement by/of the owner and short history (if known) of the model/actual boat. If you want to see coble models  first hand there are no better places to go than Whitby Museum or the Discovery Museum in Newcastle (in the latter case, ask to go into the storeroom).